The "afraid of the cold" robot

Action functions available :

checkTemperature(); the robot looks at the thermometer
goOut('?'); where '?' = 'no', 'withCoat' or 'withoutCoat'

Test functions available :

lessThan32() which returns true or false
lessThan68() which returns true or false

Warning !!!

Succeed your code with maximum 3 if, no else allowed.

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Résult of the execution of your code

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The "afraid of the cold" robot

The goal of this exercise is to construct Boolean expressions using AND (&&), OR (||) and / or NOT (!).

You are not to use « else » and since there are just 3 possibilities, it should be possible to achieve this with 3 successive « if » statements and AND (&&), OR (||) and / or NOT (!).

The robot can check the outside temperature and you must ensure that it responds appropriately. If it is colder than 32°F, it shouldn't go out. If the temperature is 32°F or higher and less than 68°F, it should go out wearing a coat. Once it reaches 68°F, it should go out without a coat.

Good work.

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The drawings of the robots are of Jean-Baptiste Sonnet.