Chapter 5: Testing repeats Question 1 of 7

1 Instruction
3      Instruction
4      WHILE NOT Test 111 DO
5           Instruction
6      END WHILE
7      Instruction
8      Instruction
9 UNTIL Test 222
10 Instruction
11 End of the program

In the program shown opposite, the line marked with an arrow will be executed.

After execution, which line will the program jump to?

Note: test Test 222 will give a FALSEresult.

Click on the button corresponding to the line the program will jump to after execution of the line marked with an arrow. Then click on "Check my answer".

Line 1 is an elementary action instruction, not a control structure.

There will therefore be no line breaks in the procedure, and the program will simply continue on to the next line.

Note: the result of the Test Test 222 is irrelevant, so don't let yourself be distracted by unnecessary information.

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