Project Work, Objectives and Methods

The goal of this training module is to make you comfortable with JavaScript syntax and give you a grounding in the basics that are applicable to all programming languages.

There is an enormous amount to say and write about JavaScript, but the goal here is to begin coding right away without stuffing your head with a load of details. If you are curious to learn more, please check out the multitude of websites that are available to answer your questions about this exciting programming language.

 What is JavaScript used for? 

Dynamic Websites with JavaScript

JavaScript is used to create dynamic websites.

To be specific, JavaScript lets visitors interact with the parts of a Web page that contain JavaScript code. Examples of this include opening the menu, modifying images, creating an animation, and moving objects around the page.

 How does this module work? 

Each chapter will progressively introduce another aspect of JavaScript. There are a few exercises in each chapter, each of which is accompanied by a short introduction that touches on the new concept and the purpose of the exercise you are to complete.

Wishing you enjoyment and great success in learning this new language!